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(1) I live consciously. (2) I guard myself. (3) I follow my inner voice. (4) I walk my path courageously. (5) I am not intimidated. (6) I am ready for happiness and success. (7) I earn a lot of money. (8) I remain calm and patient. (9) I recognize my fears. (10) I delight in small things. (11) I communicate attentively and empathetically. (12) I share my resources. (13) I make my limits known. (14) I delight in shared goals. (15) I manage my money wisely. (16) I realize my visions. (17) My inner peace is my treasure. (18) I am filled with appreciation. (19) I am the architect of my life. (20) I take responsibility for myself. (21) My resolve is absolute. (22) I’m full of enthusiasm. (23) I focus on what’s important. (24) I have a positive basic attitude. (25) I am wealthy. (26) I work with precision. (27) I am courageous. (28) I feel great. (29) I express myself clearly. (30) I share my experiences and knowledge. (31) I expect mutual tolerance. (32) My laughter spreads joy. (33) I keep the overview. (34) I relax and regenerate myself. (35) I treat myself to relaxation. (36) I create inner peace. (37) I take a deep breath. (38) I eat healthy. (39) I stay true to my path. (40) I promote growth. (41) I am relaxed and in control. (42) I believe in success. (43) I have enough time. (44) I love living it up. (45) I am brave. (46) I practice serenity daily. (47) I stand firm and secure. (48) I make others smile. (49) I choose my environment wisely. (50) I enjoy harmonious coexistence. (51) I run an effective household book. (52) I make personal progress. (53) I grow from my mistakes. (54) I experience inner harmony. (55) I shape my life. (56) I nurture myself. (57) I make a good choice. (58) I work on my success. (59) I accept impermanence. (60) I proceed with confidence. (61) I feel young. (62) I plan and organize effectively. (63) I pull through. (64) I see the positive in everything. (65) I listen attentively. (66) I am trustworthy. (67) I rise above gossip. (68) I love togetherness. (69) I optimize my finances. (70) I surpass my limits. (71) I see the crisis as an opportunity. (72) I find peace within myself.